Erin Characklis





If you are interested in attending or hosting a clinic or if you are interested in personal training, please contact Erin Characklis at or Contact Us.

I have spent the past 25+ years training and developing my own young horses to compete at the highest levels.  Over that time I have developed a unique philosophy.  This philosophy integrates the professional training methods of classical riding with an empathic approach to understanding the mindset of each individual horse. Inherent in this approach are the exercise of patience and perseverance, critically important characteristics when working with each horses' individual  capacities and needs.  While not the shortest path, the dedicated rider will find that spending this additional time allows both horse and rider to fully realize their potential.

By sharing my experiences and knowledge I am seeking to help others establish better horse/rider partnerships, and through these, to raise their performance to the highest level. The resultant harmony that is established through these methods has a positive impact on the quality of life of both horse and rider.  The journey toward reaching your, and your horse's, highest potential is a process that requires commitment.... but one that is ultimately both fascinating and more rewarding.  

Horse Training


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A thorough and continuous education is the foundation for a healthy and successful show horse. This process requires more time, but we find it is worthwhile in order to meet the individual needs of each horse. We will develop a training program specific to each horses individual needs, including:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your horses abilities
  • A detailed plan for the education and development of your horse, involving both a training regimen and a strategy for building the horses confidence in competitive events.
  • Creating thoughtful approaches for marketing your sales horse.