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Welcome to Jumping Horses Europe.

For the past 20 years I have been selling and brokering show jumpers all over the world. I offer a small collection of exceptional horses that I acquire at a young age, then carefully raise and train over several years to insure the highest level of quality.

I also maintain a broad international network of contacts with other stables that allows me unprecedented access to the global marketplace. Through my own stable or those of my partners I have the ability to find the right horse for any situation, from young prospects to Grand Prix winners. Many of the horses I have sold or brokered are successfully competing at both the national, international and Championship levels (see Successful Horses).

I deliver quality and integrity in all of my business endeavors. My customers come from around the world, and I take pride in my long standing relationships with them.











Horses demand authenticity every step of the way.


To be effective, riders must develop an alert yet meditative state of mind,

creative approaches to problem solving, and 

an ability to set long-term goals without lapsing into impatience

with the challenges that arise or an attachment to preconceived notions

of how success will be attained.


Horses respond to personal integrity, thoughtful leadership,

mental and physical balance, emotional congruency, flexibility, receptivity,

clear intent, and sophisticated energy management.


They reward their riders for even the most subtle approximations of

these virtues through increased attention, cooperation and affection,

acting as unbiased barometers in the work of human development!


Unlike some humans, the horse won’t deny a miracle when it has occurred

and won’t pretend it occurred if it didn’t!


Horses represent the ultimate integrity!


-Excerpts taken from “the Tao of Equus”-